Recordings now available for purchase

Recordings for our first course “Writing Logical Proof Arguments,” with Michael Hait, CG, are now available for purchase in the Virtual Institute Store!

Each recordings package contains all four video recordings (including the Q&A portions of the sessions), all syllabus material, and the practical exercise. For those of you who missed the course on its first offering, these packages provide the opportunity to learn on your own time.

The course also received a glowing review from one of the students, professional genealogist Patricia McIntyre, posted to Angela McGhie’s Adventures in Genealogy Education blog. Patricia wrote,

I felt that my participation in the institute course had been time and money well spent. Michael Hait had taught me a new way to look at proof arguments and proof summaries using logical thinking. As I read my next NGSQ article, I was able to see the premises and conclusions built one on another. A new sense of literary construction was understood – a light bulb moment, if you will.

To read the full review, visit “Review of ‘Writing Logical Proof Arguments’ Course by Michael Hait.”