Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research Offers New Interactive Option for Courses


Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research Offers New Interactive Option for Courses

RALEIGH, North Carolina, 17 December 2014:

The Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research is evolving!

Student responses to our first course have reinforced our plans concerning the need for additional instructor interaction and feedback. Beginning in 2015 we will offer instructors and students this option.

Previously our courses came in a single format: four 90-minute lecture sessions with Q&A, extensive syllabus material, and at least one practical exercise.

Plus courses will consist of:

  • the same four 90-minute lecture sessions and syllabus material offered to standard students; plus
  • an additional one-hour Q&A/discussion session held on an evening either midweek or at the conclusion of the course;
  • individualized instructor feedback on practical exercises by email;
  • a Certificate of Completion for the course.

The Plus option for any course will cost $99.99, as compared to the $69.99 cost of standard courses.

J. Mark Lowe’s “Preparing the Field: Understanding the Agricultural Records of Our Ancestors” will be the first course to offer this new option. Beginning on Wednesday, 17 December 2014, buttons will appear on the website to purchase either the Standard or the Plus option for this course. Many of the Institute’s future courses will also offer this option.

For more information visit or email [email protected].

About the Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research

The Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research offers virtual, year-round courses on a wide variety of genealogical subjects from top experts in the field. For more information visit or email [email protected].


3 thoughts on “Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research Offers New Interactive Option for Courses

  1. I like this idea. Is the midweek discussion group audio or text? In other words, are the participants using headsets/voice/video or text chat to communicate? Will people who aren’t able to attend that event live be able to read/view it later?

  2. Great questions! The midweek discussion group will use GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar (depending on the size of the group), and will be recorded for any Plus registrants unable to attend live. However, this recording will not be available for later purchase—only those who register for the Plus option during the initial offering will receive the recording of the extra session. Because it will be recorded, only those with headset microphones will be able to openly speak to the instructor, so that we can maintain high audio quality. All others can use the text chat box. The chat log will also be saved and distributed to Plus registrants.

  3. Well, I sure do support the only-those-with-headsets policy. I would suggest that it might be a good idea to remind those headset users ahead of time that with many computers, you need to go into your computer settings and ensure that the headset is set to be the input device. Sometimes people think you can just plug it in, but in many cases, that doesn’t work. So they end up wearing the headset, but it’s the built-in webcam that is actually picking up sound. That’s a key variable in terms of audio quality.

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