Best DNA test kits 2021: Top Things To Know

Discover your roots with the most accurate ancestry DNA  kit. In your DNA are all your ancestors. Genetic information passes down from generation to generation for thousands of years until it comes to you.

DNA testing becomes a popular health testing. Geneology is the field of studying your family, history, and other family traces. They seek additional evidence to help confirm or extend your family tree DNA.

Check For Your Last Name!

Do you want to know if people with the same last name as yours share the same ancestors? Using your DNA may help you in this.

You may determine common deep ancestors. It may take to people and places that you wouldn’t do it simply by internet searching. Various DNA tests show fascinating results about DNA matches.

Should You Get Your DNA Tested

First of all, there are many health benefits of DNA testing, because it may save lives. Genetic testing may help you discover autoimmune diseases, provide many answers about medication responses, determining the possible risk of many diseases, their prevention, etc.

So, shortly the answer is YES.

How Do DNA Tests Work

It’s easy – puke in a tube that is a test kit, sent it back, and get your results within days. Similar to this, the kit consists of a simple cheek swab, then email the sample to the company and wait for the results.

The best DNA testing is the one that shows your family tree, more connections and relations from your family, estimate your ethnicity, and other information.

Three types of genetic testing will provide you information about your genes and chromosomes, and your origin.

1.     Y-DNA Testing

Y-DNA testing is only possible if you may trace your ancestry through your father’s male line thousand of years ago. The Y chromosome is one of the 23rd pairs of your chromosomes and only males have one.

Because not everyone has a Y chromosome, this test has limitations and only half of the population may take it.

2.     Mitochondrial DNA Testing

This test uses the DNK from mother to child. It is the perfect test if you trace a women’s ancestry. The mitochondrial DNA passes down from your biological mother to you. Your biological father doesn’t share any of his mitochondrial DNA. That’s why with this test you may only find your mother’s ancestry.

Unlike Y-chromosome that is only for males, everyone may take this test. mtDNA testing may help you to find evidence for your relatives back in time, even ten thousand years.

3.     Autosomal DNA Testing

You inherited the 22 chromosomes and the X of the 23rd chromosome, from both your parents and all your ancestors. The autosomal DNA test these chromosome pairs. Everyone can take it.

This DNA test is more information-rich, unlike Y-DNA and mtDNA. The results can show who is your recent or distant relatives. It tells you more about your ethnicity and may also evaluate your genetic code in more than 700,000 locations.

In general, mtDNA and Y-DNA tests can go back from 20 – 100 generations, while autosomal tests can go max from 5 – 8 generations back.

4.     Prenatal Cell-Free DNA

This test uses DNA from the mother and the fetus through a blood sample. It can show the possible risk of specific chromosome changes like Down syndrome, trisomy 13, and trisomy 18. Women need to be at least 10 weeks pregnant for this test.

It will provide you benefits and limits in the first and second-trimester screening and how to interpret the results.

Use Your Raw DNA Data For Free Analysis!

Most genealogy websites used raw DNA data for free DNA testing. Some offer users a free family tree maker template with a different timeline, chart views, research, and access to millions of online records.

Ethnicity Application Goes Viral

Another option to discover your ethnicity is by using an ethnicity estimate application. This application becomes popular again. It can calculate your ethnicity by analyzing a selfie.

It simply analyzes features of your face to tell you your ethnic background. The algorithm of each app will estimate your ethnic background and tell you where your ancestors come from.

While some think that is a very simple alternative, there are some issues. It’s easy to use because you don’t have to spit into a tube or spend money on DNA tests. On the other hand, you can’t tell your whole history just from one selfie.

Which Is The Best DNA Testing Kit

The best DNA testing kit depends on what you are looking for and how you want to discover your ancient lineage. Here are some examples you may keep an eye for:

Name Price Tests Wait time
23andMe $99 – $199 Autosomal, mtDNA, Y-DNA, health, traits 2 – 4 weeks
AnchestryDNA $99 – $119 Autosomal, traits, foods (e.g. allergic reactions) 6 – 8 weeks
MyHeritage $75 Autosomal 3 – 4 weeks
Family TreeDNA $79.99 – $199.99 Autosomal, mtDNA, Y-DNA 6 – 8 weeks

Which DNA Test Is The Most Accurate

The most accurate test is autosomal testing. It is the best choice for your family history, ethnic and racial background. It gives you almost 100 percent accuracy, despite mtDNA and Y-DNA tests which are more objective and give fewer DNA matches.

One of the most popular autosomal DNA kits from companies are:

  • 23AndMe;
  • AncestryDNA;
  • MyHeritage DNA.

Looking for genealogy websites that will have ancestry search free?

Ancestry companies, listed above, offer a free approach or several days free trial. You can explore your history world in just a few steps. You can research your family history or build a family tree easily and free.

You can get access to family history records, find birth, marriage, cemetery listings, biographies, and so much more.

DNA Testing Pools Get More Robust By The Year

DNA companies continuously expand their pool to have more data to compare. For example, in 2019 the 23andMe company added 1,000 new locations and 30 new reports about the ancestors’ details.

AncestryDNA updated the ethnicity estimates with new regions and a reference panel of over 40,000 copies.

These extensions lead to more precise differentiation between geographically neighbor areas. Despite the growth, most at-home DNA tests are still widely Euro-centric. Some companies are trying to resolve when it comes to reference population for people of color, test results for the diversity of employment. Still, there is no reliable kit that shows ancestry DNA results that is typically for non-white populations.

Do At-Home DNA Tests Protect Your Privacy

Maybe you are concern about your privacy for testing the most sensitive part of yourself. Or you think that companies will have access to your ancestors and family history. But, don’t be afraid.

All companies follow security and privacy protocols like limited data access and storage privacy. Some DNA companies have ISO certifications to safely manage information. This means that every data the company will receive will ensure you that it is secure and stored with limited access.

Everything depends on the company’s privacy practice. If you are concern about what will happen when they receive your DNA, or how do they store it, you should make in-depth research about that company. Search about their principles, how they are working, procedures, access, and the most important – their privacy practices. If something makes you uncomfortable you shouldn’t proceed.

DNA Results And Family Tree Features

Understanding your DNA results helps you to get information about your history. DNA results are differently interpreted by different companies.

What Do DNA Results Show

  • AncestryDNA – provides you information about your genetic ethnicity estimates and also to see if your potential DNA matches. The results are great to know where to begin with. They are a great start point for the next history research;
  • 23andMe – discovers and analyzes variations in your genome. These variations can tell you about your ancestry, about your features – eye or hair color, and about health conditions;
  • MyHeritage – proved you two types of results – DNA matches and ethnicity estimate. It analyzes 42 ethnicities from around the world. You will discover about your heritage origination and how much each ethnicity is a part of your ancestry. Also, you will find DNA matches and family trees between users that test DNA with this company or from other services.

Family Tree

It is interesting how DNA tests make your family tree. With your family tree DNA results you can find your family extended with many generations ago.

The family tree represents individual family members. It is a visual representation to trace common ancestors.

Simple features include you, your parents, your grandparents, and your great-grandparents. Also in a complicated family tree may include you, your parents, your aunt and uncle, cousins, siblings, and so.

Final Thoughts

Find your best DNA test kit that best fits your needs. Don’t be afraid to build your family tree and find your family history.

Whether your reasons are, be sure to bring open doors and excitement into your own unique family!

 Start your “journey home”!