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Course Recordings

The following course packages include all session recordings as digital video files, all syllabus material, and any associated practical exercises or assignments.

The course packages are compressed (ZIP) files. Be aware that these files may be very large (~400 MB) and may take several minutes to download, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Michael Hait, CG, “Writing Logical Proof Arguments
Recorded 1 November–8 November 2014

J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA, “Preparing the Field: Understanding the Agricultural Records of our Ancestors
Recorded 24 January–31 January 2015

Maureen Taylor, “Family Photographs: Identifying, Preserving, and Sharing Your Visual Heritage
Recorded 21 February–28 February 2015

Donna Moughty, “Strategies for Finding Your Irish Ancestors
Recorded 7 March–14 March 2015

** Note: Due to a higher recording resolution, this course recordings file is very large, about 2.8 GB total. High-speed Internet connection is recommended to download your purchase. **

Blaine Bettinger, PhD, JD, “(Finally!) Understanding Autosomal DNA
Recorded 21 March–28 March 2015


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