Billie Stone Fogarty and Rick Fogarty, “Verifying the Family Legend of Native American Ancestry”

“Verifying the Family Legend of Native American Ancestry”

Billie Stone Fogarty, M. Ed. and Rick Fogarty


Many families tell of American Indian ancestry several generations back, but often lack the proof to confirm that legend. Even after years of genealogical research, some have no confirmed connection to the tribe.  When doing Native American research it is important to have some understanding of the records as well as some history of the interactions between the tribal members and the Europeans who came into their lands.

These sessions will delve into the many types of and reasons for the records that may lead to connecting your ancestor to their tribe.  You will walk through a recent successful application for tribal membership and Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and also look at some of the reasons for rejection of others. Finally, the extensive resources for Native American research that are now online will be highlighted.

Rick Fogarty is a professional genealogical researcher in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is a third-generation genealogist with deep Oklahoma roots and a citizen of the Muscogee Creek Nation. He is a life member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and specializes in Native American, adoption, and forensic genealogical research. He has attended the Boston University program in Forensic Genealogy, the Forensic Genealogy Institute of the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy, the Institute for Genetic Genealogy 2014 of the International Society of Genetic Genealogists, and the Professional Management Conference of the Association of Professional Genealogists. He is also a member of the National Genealogical Society and the International Society of Genetic Genealogy.

Billie Stone Fogarty, M.Ed, a genealogist for more than 30 years, she now instructs others on researching their family history, both in the classroom and in lectures. Based in Oklahoma City, the nearby American Indian Archives has afforded lots of opportunities for research in Native American records for her clients. Her professional genealogical practice specializes in Native American research primarily among the Five Civilized Tribes. Billie serves as a Director of the Association of Professional Genealogists, Oklahoma Genealogical Society, Genealogical Speakers Guild, and the Oklahoma Historical Society. She has served as instructor for the Association of Professional Genealogists Professional Management Conference, Federation of Genealogical Societies Conferences, National Genealogical Society Family History Conferences, RootsTech Family History and Technology Conference, GenStock, Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research, Canadian Valley Technology Center, and seminars in many states.

Course Schedule

Day 1

  • Lecture 1: “Overview of Indian Tribes and Their Interactions with Others”
  • Lecture 2: “Indian Records That Exist, Why They Were Created, and Where They are Located”

Day 2

  • Lecture 3: “A Case Study that Outlines the Process for Tribal Enrollment”
  • Lecture 4: “Online Sources for Native American Research”



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